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Shelby Museum, Shelby, Ohio
The Shelby Electric Company and their light bulbs

J. C. Fish and A. A. Chaillet and The Shelby Electric Company.

Chaillet Bulb Found !
120 year old Shelby Bulb discovered in the Adolphe Chaillet home!

Join the Livermore, California Celebration of their
110 year old Shelby Electric Company Light Bulb!
A Rare Part of Shelby History:
Did you know that between the years 1918 and 1922, farm tractors and
trucks were assembled in Shelby?
There is only one remaining operational Shelby Tractor in the world!
Shelby Area Historical Beauty
Shelby Area Coverlets and the Weavers who created them
(Another surprise coverlet has been added - see the Adam Wolf section.)
Recorders of Shelby Pictorial History

Early Shelby Photographers and their Photographs
Shelby's Magic Lantern &
Ten Shelby Magic Lantern Slides

Four Famous Shelby Authors
Shelby Gum Company
Copies of the Shelby Day Booklet are currently available.
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