Shelby Ohio Authors

 Edward Edson Lee
The most prolific of Shelby's authors would be Edward Edson Lee (September 2.1884 - September 28 1944). He wrote with the pen name of Leo Edwards and began his writing career in Shelby, Ohio while working at the Autocall in advertising and living at 14 Marvin Avenue with wife Gladys Tuttle Lee and their son Eugene Edward Lee.
Leo Edwards' books were written for children and young adolescents. He was a Boy Scout troop leader and derived many of his main characters from members of his scout troops that he became well acquainted with. His first published writing "The Cruise of the Sally Ann" was a serialized adventure published in The Daily Globe in April, 1920. It was later republished as a book "Jerry Todd and the Oak Island Treasure" in 1925. Leo Edwards would publish a total of nearly 40 books.
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 Margaretta Lena Brucker
Margaretta "Retta" was the oldest child of Francis and Lena Palmer Brucker who moved here c.1890 from Saginaw, MI. Retta's father was a lumber dealer in Shelby and had an interest in the early development of the Grand Boulevard. During the period 1920 -1933, Retta spent summers with her mother operating the Marbruck Tea Room in Ann Arbor, MI. Later she began writing short serialized stories for newspapers.
Her first book "Death in the Dormitory" was published in 1937. She would write children's fiction and romance novels as well as other fiction novels under the pen name of Margaret Howe. She continued to write and publish novels (25) until months before her death in 1958.


 Roger Warren Brucker
Roger Brucker is the son of Franklin and Marian Love Brucker and the nephew of Margaretta Brucker. He was born in 1929, attended Oberlin College, served in the U.S. Air Force and was stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton,Ohio. He became interested in caving and most specifically, Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. Discoveries that he and others made in exploring the possible connections between the Flint Ridge Cave System and Mammoth Cave led to writing his first book, The Longest Cave. Many cave-related books have followed.


 Marthy Dawn Powell
Born in 1896, the second of three daughters of Elroy and Hattie Blanche Sherman Powell, Dawn spent the first four years of her life in Mt. Gilead, Ohio where her father was variously employed as a miller in the area and night manager of the Globe House Hotel. Shortly after Phyllis, the youngest daughter, was born in late 1899, the Powell family loaded their belongings and moved to Shelby, Ohio. In 1903 Dawn's mother died and for many years the daughters were passed around to family members until her father married a second time. This union was not a good one for the daughters. After spending several years with her Aunt Orpha May Steinbrueck, Dawn graduated from Shelby High School and attended Lake Erie College in Painesville, Ohio. After college, at age 21, Dawn followed her dream of living in New York, where she would spend the rest of her life.
During that time she would write poetry, many plays, numerous short stories, and 17 novels. Dawn Powell died in 1965 in Manhattan and is buried in New York's Potter's Field, on Hart Island.

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